Q – How do I get a quote?

A – Please visit our Contact Us page, and we will respond with a quote and answer any questions you might have.

Q – Why are your prices not posted on your website?

A – Every event is different. The price quote depends on the group, number of musicians, length of performance, and distance musicians need to travel.

Q – How do your prices compare with others in the industry?

A – We are proud to announce that our prices have stayed virtually unchanged since 2011. Due to the volume of weddings we do, we are able to keep the cost affordable for you.

Q – What do the fees include?

A – The fees include assistance in planning music selections, prelude/postlude and all music during ceremonies, set-up and take-down time, and all communications.

Q – Who will my main contact be?

A – My name is Braden Zitoun, and I will be your main contact throughout the wedding planning process. Not only am I the owner/manager, but I am also the cellist for Gabriel’s Horns!

Q – How do your musicians dress?

A – Our dress code for most events is formal — men in tuxedos and women in concert black.

Q – What do you require to perform?

A – String players require armless chairs.

Q – Do you play outdoors?

A – Yes we do, but within conditions. Our concerns surround the safety of our instruments. String instruments must be in full shade, with absolutely NO precipitation. Temperatures cannot be below 55° F.

Q – Do we need to meet in person?

A – It is not necessary to meet in person. All details can by addressed by email or by phone.

Q – Is it necessary for the musicians to attend the wedding rehearsal?

A – It is not necessary for us to attend rehearsals. Our musicians are experts at timing the music. A rehearsal would be an extra fee. We usually arrive early enough before the prelude to discuss details with the officiant and/or wedding coordinator.

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